Wednesday, July 11, 2012

SDCC 2012 eve

before i pass out from lack of sleep, i thought i'd post something about San Diego Comic Con. the hubby and i are flying out tomorrow to attend this mega event for nerds and folks that like pop culture type stuff. if u haven't heard about it yet, then u probably don't have many comic nerdly friends. ;P
at any rate, this is the cover to my mini portfolio book that i called "Art Mignon." i'll be handing it out to editors and such in hopes that they will give me some work! =) its not something i plan on selling but if i have a ton left over, which i might, i may have them to sell at Otakon (the next con we'll be doing). why "mignon" u ask? cuz apparently it means "small and pretty" and i'd like to think that's what it is. ;P

if ur attending Comic Con, stop by the BOOM! Studios booth and say HI to my hubby theFranchize! he'll be there all weekend drawing zombie versions of folks on a special con-exclusive sketch cover of Fanboys vs. Zombies! i may pop in at the table every so often over the course of the weekend. otherwise i'll be walking around gettin in panels and stuff with my studiomate Flash. it's gonna be fun times!

ALSO - we'll be debuting the 1st page of the Brotherhood of Fighters this weekend so keep an eye on!!! i'm so excited! if i wasn't so sleepy, i would be tickled pink.

SDCC BABY, WOO! (as i pass out)

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