Friday, June 28, 2013


[listening to disney songs to cheer me up]

this is the first weekend since we got married that i've been without my hubby for more than a day. not really something i'm used to and i don't think i really like it. so i'm keeping myself preoccupied in order to not think about it too much. mainly, i clean the house. =P
he's at a family gathering out of state but i stayed behind because we have ANNAPOLIS COMIC CON this Saturday! come and find me and my fellow studiomate, Flash, in artist alley - tables A38-A39! we'll have prints and books for sale and we'll be doing sketches all day - of course!

this con is a great local show run by the same folks that made Awesome Con in DC so durned awesome! if ur in the area, definitely check it out! this time around he's got some Walking Dead cast members as guests plus other fun stuff for the whole fam to participate in!

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