Sunday, May 20, 2012


by kanye west and other dudes

FVZ Issue 1 - page 1
FVZ Issue 1 - page5

FVZ Issue 2 - page 9
FVZ Issue 2 - page 11

so, u may know that my hubby theFranchize is working on an ongoing series for BOOM! Studios called "Fanboys vs Zombies." but did u know i help it?! cuz i do! =) pretty much any artwork that comes across his desk, i have probably touched it in some form or another. whether i ink it, flat it, vector it, or do preprint layout, i'm kinda like that Staples (or is it Office Depot) commercial where the same dude works every job in the office. almost all of Issue 1 has my inks in there somewhere, half of Issue 2, and probably like a 3rd of Issue 3. so, here are a few of those pages for ur viewing pleasure. oh, and i am in charge of all the borders.

BTW, just as a disclaimer, i do not claim to be an inker by any means. i have inked his pages, yes indeed. however, i do not remotely come close to what real inkers are able to do with a page. those guys/gals are usually the difference between great comic art and crap. basically, if they do their job right, a regular comic reader probably wouldn't notice. but if they don't, then ur probably finding it super tough to understand what's in front and what's in the bg. anyone that feels real inkers are tracers live sad lives and make up for it with negativity. just sayin.
with that said, i pretty much trace over theFranchize's lines with ink. KAKAKA!! seriously, that's what i do. and i may add line weights here and there, but not much. cuz again, i'm not really an inker! =)


Jac V. said...

LOL!!! Don't discredit yourself! Tracing is hard work! LOL Just kidding, but really you guys did an AWESOME job on that comic!! I'm totally getting the TPB of it when it comes out! :) Art by "Team Gaylord"!

Peng-Peng said...

i'd love to see what a TPB of this would look like. dude, tracing IS hard! especially when u gotta figure out which ones are the real lines and which ones are the squiggles.