Sunday, May 13, 2012

happy mom's day!

just wanted to give a quick shout to all the mothers in my life. from friends, to sibs, to my mom-in-law, and the cream of the crop - my mama! u ladies inspire me daily. and to those of u who, like me, have fur-babies, big ups to u too! because what people don't understand about us is that taking PROPER care of ur dogs and cats take love and sacrifice too. and even though u can't lock up ur kids in a crate when they're being bad, doggies will never ever talk back. =)

so this is my special "Happy Mother's Day" to myself and fellow fur-baby-mamas. this was what i woke up to this morning and i can't tell u how much i love it. to anyone that has experienced the unconditional love of pets, u know what i'm talkin about.

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Jac V. said...

wah!! so cute!! It's always nice when siblings cuddle up and act like they love each other!! :)