Thursday, May 10, 2012

blasphemous rumours

by depeche mode

i'm finally able to be part of the real world. last week was, to put it lightly, brutal. deadlines and clients were breathing down our necks (and rightly so) and i got very little rest. sunday was the worst and i didn't go to sleep till 7am monday morning. though, i have zero recollection of how i even got into bed. then slept pretty much all of monday and took the entire day of tuesday off. finally got to see Avengers, and it was fantastic like everyone said. is it better than, say, the 2nd new Batman movie? i think no. but it was definitely a great ride.

at any rate, here are my cards for Upper Deck's Avengers set that was recently released. i really ran out of time to do these and i know my work suffered because of it. still, i tried to make the most of it. i used copic pens and markers. and i think that's probably my first attempt at drawing Spider-man. =P i believe i saw a few of these on ebay already. btw, i really don't like the horizontal cards. i dunno why, i just have a harder time using the space.

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