Friday, May 25, 2012

like that

by black eyed peas

so i never thought that i would be faced with the issue of doing work but never actually being able to post anything about it publicly while i'm working on them. kinda makes my whole point of showing what's on my drawing table lame these days. it used to be a self-imposed rule not to show commissions before the client sees it. but i'm finding myself more and more with projects that we're legally bound not to show or talk about till months later. makes my blog empty for weeks. i will do what i can to post what i'm allowed to show tho.

original card drawn in 2009

these are the cards i recently drew for my fav sketchcard client. the white fluffy creature in the center is a character named Bleep from Josie & the Pussycats in Outer Space (or something like that). it was requested by the client. the first card of Valerie was actually a do-over of a previous card that the client already had. i drew it for the same company back in 2009. it's hard to look at the old one cuz, as usual, hindsight is sharper than 20/20. but in my (sad) defense, the stock that those cards were made of was really hard to draw on! it was super duper glossy and everything slipped/smeared/blobbed on contact. i'm glad i was able to somewhat redeem myself with a re-do. =P

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