Wednesday, June 4, 2008

philly pics

well, philly was as good as can be expected from a wizard world con. generally, in my opinion, wizard world con goers aren't very focused on independent artists. they're all about going to buy their merchandise or old comics and meeting established people in the industry (or the actors that come as guests). so in a convention like that, we did pretty darned good. it was very slow and seemed a lot slower than usual but we apparently weren't the only ones feeling the pinch. not to mention we were ALL THE WAY in the back. it's a lot to ask for folks to walk that far into a convention center and still be interested in what we've got or have money to spend at all. i swear, it doesn't matter how early we register for these cons, we just get placed in crappy spots.
at any rate, just thought i'd share these few pics from the con. good times.


Jac V. said...

yay! i think your booth looks lovely compared to the tables (not even booths) that you are next to. The black cloth really sets you apart and I like how you stuck the posters on there...nice job!!!

Anonymous said...

aaaawwwww (re: jerry wi superman)