Thursday, June 12, 2008


boy was i boosted when i finally got that song on my computer (summertime by will smith). i've been itchin to hear it and i swear it just doesn't get enough play on the radio especially since summer is on and poppin. now i can listen to it as much as i'd like. yay!

this Powergirl actually made it on Wizard's website for their Commissions Corner they have on there. (check it out here - this guy was walking around and taking pictures of people doing commissions and stopped at ID's table to see what we were doing. i was actually just starting on the commission below but since all i had were circles and lines, i pulled out this finished Powergirl for him to take a picture of. lucky for me, the guy it was for hadn't picked it up just yet. so yay! i was definitely boosted even though all it had was my name next to this image. still, small steps! =)

well, i'm not really in a blogging mindset so i'm just going to keep this very short. gotta post somethin, dag nabs it! so, to continue with pics from the past Wizard World Philly con, here are shots i took of commissions i got there. not very many requests, but it's all good.

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