Saturday, June 14, 2008

virginia comicon tomorrow

yup, there's going to be a small comic con in Richmond, VA called the Virginia Comicon. it's tomorrow, Father's Day, from 10 am - 4pm. it's just a one day thing so i'm inclined to call it more of a show than a con. still, we wanted to start checking out some local shows to set up, see how the locals take to our products. hopefully even make a couple bucks while we're there to help offset the tremendous amount we're going to spend to get to the Wizard World Chicago con. supposedly, this VA show is the largest in the state so that's pretty durned nifty. and since we live practically next to Moses anyway, it's nothin but a hop, skip, and a jump to Richmond! we'll be set up in their Artist Alley though i'm curious as to how big it is. only me and the hubby for this show. one's got work and the other will be traveling to Disney World. (lucky bastard. i miss Disney.)

stargazer finished

kirin centaur finished

just thought i'd share these commissions that i just finished. clients say they're happy with them. i'm happy with them too. so everybody wins!!! yay!! =P i think i'm really starting to dig this painty style. makes me feel like a real artist. kakaka i'm still trying to learn how to use Painter. i managed to pick up the Corel Painter magazine from Borders the other day. it's got lots of tips and techniques but i noticed i'm gonna need instructions on how to MAKE something. the program is so unfamiliar and i just don't know where to start. *sigh* they certainly never offered any type of digital painting classes in college. if they did, i woulda been ALL ABOUT IT! all the painting knowledge without the mess on the carpet and shoes. ah well. gotta make do with what i know of photoshop. the background for the Kirin centaur i borrowed the idea from another piece of art i saw on deviant. NO i didn't steal it like copied and pasted it. i just borrowed the idea and used it. turned out kinda nice, i think. ^__^

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