Sunday, June 15, 2008

va show turnout

we came from the virginia comicon show today and passed out soon as we got home. didn't get much sleep last night and had to leave early to get there since it was like an hour and a half's worth of driving. it wasn't a very big show but that was to be expected. still, one of the guys that were running it told us it was usually more people there. bad economy is hitting every facet of American life. tough to make an honest living out of ur dreams out here. makes me wish i was a jumper.
just saw that Jumper movie the other day it wasn't bad at all. wasn't great or anything, but it wasn't bad. hayden christensen needs just a couple more classes of emotive acting and he'll be all set. he certainly has the face to be in movies though. he's like a cross between ashton kutcher and ryan phillipe.

at any rate, here's just a couple shots of the table set up at the show earlier today. of course, after having passed out at 7pm, i wake up at midnight like it was early morning. so i'm all screwed up. but what else is new in my upside-down schedule. =P it was just me and the hubby at this show but we rolled in with all our stuff in two wheely things. we've come a long long way from how we use to come to a show. very unprepared, very unorganized, and everything we carried, we used both arms and stuff strapped to our backs. and, usually with big cons, the parking is like a mile away from the doors that lead into the convention. so u can imagine the FUN-NESS of carrying a ton in summer heat. but now we've got stuff on wheels and we roll in and roll out of cons smoothly. things are in their proper boxes or containers, it's kinda nice. now if we can only solve the problem of the prints. they're organized, but not very easy to get into the stock. they're all stacked in a bin and its extremely tough to get to the bottom ones. paper is heavy!! anyway, i suppose we'll figure that out too at some point. hopefully.

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