Thursday, May 29, 2008

we're off to Wizard World Philly

yeppers, we're headin on out to Philly around 2am so we can get there just in time to eat some breakfast and then set up. no sleep for the wicked! =P SO, in light of my absence from home this weekend, i'm posting up three different images! yay!!
this is how far i've gotten with this commission. i wasn't able to finish it today because i was out all day running errands. i did, however, write the script for one of our custom comics we're workin on in a little over 2 hours. now granted its only 8 pages of comics, but its still tough for me. it was neat though cuz i was writing it at a starbucks while waiting for jerry to finish his 2-hour gig. i felt just a weeee bit like JK Rowling. (i know, i'm a dork.) heh heh heh

this is a commission i'm also working on at the moment. she's all finished gettin drawn, i'm about to color her once i finish coloring the one above. she is (obviously) a centaur but of the "kirin" breed. apparently, if u didn't know already, kirins are mythical creatures originating from china but are apparently one of the most powerful creatures in japanese cultures along with the phoenix and the dragon (i think). since it's a myth, it was extremely difficult to find reference images that were consistent. i read that it was thought to be a cross between a dragon and a deer. then i read that it may have been a giraffe that was mistaken for some magical creature. either way, i had to make it up somewhat. still, i used other people's rendition of a kirin and some pictures of deer. the ram horns on her head is something the client asked for and is not the kind of horns on a kirin's head. even the horns weren't consistent. some had one in the middle of the head like a unicorn, others had deer-like antlers. very weird. but kinda cool too!

this one is a collaborative effort between me and fellow crew member Flash on a logo for his and my husband's caricature company called Big Heads Little Bodies. i made the words, he drew the little kid. so yay! a logo!

well, i'm off to finish packing up and getting ready to get outta here. i have officially less than an hour to leave. wish us luck!!! we haven't been to philly in two years. =)


Jac V. said...

Good luck at the Cons!!!

Anonymous said...

i like the colors on the 1st guy