Saturday, May 10, 2008

inky fingers

here are some images i've just finished inking. in case u haven't noticed yet, the Superman was not drawn by me. it was drawn by my husband - my World's Greatest. =) (he likes it when people call him that. ~__^) he asked me to ink it for him. it was really tough to ink his art because there's way more things happening on there than my usual chick pinups. i try to minimize the amount of muscle definition but he's all about it. which really works for his style. so i've only really started to use nibs to ink my stuff. i'm comfortable with them but certainly no pro. like i've said many times, i've continuously managed to forget that sometimes the ink isn't dry yet and the Blueline comic paper he uses is so smooth that it takes longer for the ink to dry than my bristol. so unfortunately, i've managed to goob up some ink here and there. fortunately however, it's nothing a little digital manipulation can't fix. (~__~) i feel really bad about it. but again, i'm only just getting used to nibs and ink gets on everything. i tried to cover up most of the goobs by turning them into stuff. but there's one big glob in the middle of one of the building's windows that will just have to be digitally erased. i know, i suck. but i'll hopefully get better with practice. tho i'm not sure if he'll trust me with any other art to ink thanx to this. (TT___TT)
not to mention everytime i use a french curve to ink curvy stuff, sometimes the ink gets under the tool and just spreads all by itself. man, that gets REALLY frustrating. it doesn't even do it each time so i'm not entirely sure what i'm doing wrong. inking buildings are a pain all by themselves but when u add that u have to use a triangle to ink in one direction throughout the picture, then wait for the ink to dry, then go back and ink in another direction is just such a treat. though, when it's all done, it does look pretty neat. guess no pain no gain.
the other two are the ones from before. they're now ready to be colored so hopefully that turns out pretty good. i've still got plenty to work on. i wish i did these things faster. *sigh* alas, my indecisiveness won't allow it.

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