Thursday, May 15, 2008

5 am and i'm still awake

Turbo-Ski and Red Kite

Virs Impavida

so i just updated my commissions log and i didn't realize i still have a TON of commissions to do. which is far better than no commissions at all. =P but, seeing as how it's 5am, i do wanna make this short and sweet. so above are the two commissions i've finished. tried using my new psuedo-painterly style. the one with the two chicks in it (Turbo-Ski and Red Kite), i went straight for the fat chunky brush and went to town. but i realized that it really takes too long to do that for the commissions. considering i have a ton, i can't spend that much time on one or else folks will never get their commissions in 2008. so for the second one, Virs Impavida, i merged my previous style with the painterly one. i selected areas for the shadows so i wouldn't spend too much time figuring out where the shadows go, then i went over spots with the brush to give more depth. it worked out pretty well, i think. so yay! two down, tons to go! ;P


Jac V. said...

nice!! am i your first comment??? yay!!!

Peng-Peng said...

wow! i'm shocked! looks like u ARE the first. and clearly it took me a while to realize it cuz i don't get comments. ur funny!