Thursday, May 1, 2008

rusty nail

sorry, couldn't think of a better title. it happened to be the song that came on just as i was about to type. so instead of sitting here pondering on a more appropriate or clever title for today, i took the easy way out. =p

this is a commission i am working on that's part of my "half-off prices." in this month alone, i received about 7 commissions because of the half-off sale. makes one wonder if one just isn't good enough at the price one puts itself. perhaps one is only worth half as much as one thought they did. =/ i try not to think about those things and just be glad folks did sign up. they really helped me out of a VERY tight financial bind.
at any rate, this is the pencils for a "Turbo-Ski and Red Kite" commission. they're someone's City of Heroes/Villains characters. unfortunately i don't know which. i'm assuming Heroes tho. ^__^; i seem to be somewhat popular among MMORPG folks. it's quite neat! i am really liking how this one is turning out. didn't even take me too long to come up with the poses and stuff. i really like how Red Kite (the lady with short hair) looks. her face looks much better than i thought it would. could it be that i'm getting better at this?!!? nah. =P
usually i have to look at reference images for poses. helps makes the figures look more realistic. i'm an avid supporter of references. if i had a model around to pose for me whenever i want, i wouldn't need references. but unfortunately, i don't have any chick friends around to pose at my leisure. but i digress. my point is that i didn't even have to really look at any reference for this image and i'm quite satisfied. i looked at an image for Turbo-Ski (the chick with pigtails) but pretty much changed it because the picture had the arms in front. and that's an ice blade she's holding behind her back to cut herself out.

and, may i just say, ski boots are really cool lookin. i'm really gonna have to start drawin characters with boots like that.

hopefully the guy likes it so far so i can proceed to inking and coloring it. guess that'll have to wait. =)

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