Wednesday, May 7, 2008

iron man day!

first of all, let me say that i did not draw this. my husband did. and i thought he did such a flippin super job with it that i opted to use his depiction of Iron Man instead of an official movie image.
that movie was so surprisingly good that everyone should really take the time to see it. i think it was better than any of the X-Men movies. it was really good from beginning to end. i don't care much for Robert Downey Jr. under normal circumstances, but he was so good as Tony Stark that he's been bumped back up to my (long) list of actors i don't mind watching in movies. i think he's going to be in a comedy with Ben Stiller soon and i am really looking forward to it. i am actually still somewhat in disbelief at how much i enjoyed the movie. and if u haven't seen it yet but plan to, stay and watch after the credits! =)
next film - SPEED RACER!!!

here's another couple of finished pencils of commissions i'm working on. these are both of Tammy, that lady i drew before who was sitting on a fence naked. he requested i draw two more but was so thoughtful that he let me forgo drawing the buckteeth if they were givin me problems. really made things a bit easier though i did try to subtly put it in there with the one she's laying down on.
if i haven't said it before, hands and feet are so darned hard to draw. but i do think i'm doing a bit better on them. they're coming a weee bit more naturally now than before. even cloth isn't so daunting of a task to draw these days. gasp! could it be that i am getting better!??!


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Anonymous said...

iron man sucked....i was so disappointed. i sat there in horror for 2 hours