Tuesday, May 6, 2008


i've decided that when i'm stumped for an appropriate title for the day's blog, i'm just going to put the title of whatever song i happen to be listening to at the time i write it. unfortunately, i have a tendency to listen to the same set of songs over and over again. oh well, i'll make it work. =) today's song - Stronger by Kanye West. me likey!

so i thought i'd share my epiphany from yesterday. i realized that it's not so much that i'm dorky or arrogant for thinking it's cool that people look for me at cons or have my prints up on their walls. it's that i'm excited to know that people take me seriously as an artist and takes Identity Comics seriously as a studio with talented people. now i don't feel so bad about being so boosted. =P

this is another commission i just finished pencilling. this will also need to be inked and colored. she's another City of Heroes character named Virs Impavida. (no clue what it means. sorry.) i used a picture of Kristin Kreuk for reference on the pose. that Dutch/Chinese mix really makes a gorgeous person. too bad they turned her into a harlot on Smallville. (well, that may be a bit strong. she just sleeps around.) at any rate, i'm really having a hard time with these fishnets. i'm not sure if i'm just thinking about them too hard or if i do have reason to worry. i guess i don't wear fishnets so i'm not all too familiar with it. but i am getting better at the chain links tho! yay! i'll post inks and colors hopefully sooner rather than later. =/

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