Saturday, May 3, 2008

free comic book day

didn't get anything drawn today. i was out all day at my husband's aunt's funeral. then in the evening, i got things ready for tomorrow's free comic book day signing at ComicsMD in Accokeek, MD. we've been doing it every year for like 4 years now. jerry draws free caricatures at the request of the very nice show owner. plus we just like doing it for all the people that come. they're very grateful. we've always sold stuff there but last year we had a real breakthrough and made more money there than we ever did before. since we've figured out the formula for reaching out to the masses with fanart, we've done so much better. hopefully that continues on tomorrow. so, as i get my 4 hours of sleep before getting up to go to the shop, i'll post this pic cuz they're so durned cute. and, again, i didn't draw anything. =P

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Anonymous said...

your dogs are the best posers. hilarious