Monday, May 26, 2008

he-man and superman

i did these a few days ago on a whim. my hubby, the World's Greatest, drew these during one of the classes that he teaches as a warm up. either that or he was showing off to them. (eh, sometimes u gotta show the kids how it's done.) at any rate, he drew it with a brush pen with no preliminary sketches or pencils. not even non-repro blue. which, i think, is just amazing all by itself. but they turned out to be so cool that i was really blown away. which is funny cuz when he tries to impress me, he swears it doesn't ever work. i guess after 10 years of being together, it's tough to impress someone that was impressed with ur skills when u met. but then when he doesn't try, i'm like a fan-girl all over again. (gosh i'm nerdly.) i just think it's so fluid and emotive which is something that i really admire about those japanese brush paintings. i could never achieve that because i always need to be precise.
SO since i'm trying to get used to this paint-y look with my stuffs, i was inspired to color these almost like an Andy Warhol type look. used a chunky brush in photoshop, but a different one than usual. this one looks more like pastel chalk or something when u take the opacity and the flow down. then i just went crazy. didn't do any selections at all to create the shadows, just put pen to wacom and colored away. he already determined what was in the shadows cuz of the line weights. each of these must have taken like 30 mins to color. that's the fastest i've ever colored anything! and i feel like figuring out the backgrounds took more time than the actual figure. i really like the way they came out and hopefully we'll be able to use them as prints or at least cards someday. ^__^

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