Thursday, May 1, 2008

not much difference

well, i just realized i haven't drawn anything new today. been taking care of more administrative stuff than artwork. really sucks too. i mean its absolutely necessary to do admin stuff when trying to go into business for urself but there's very little to show for it (other than the fact that they did get done). poo. it's like working in an HR office.

so, in lieu of having any art done, i have figured out why the colors were all wonky when i tried to upload the Conscience image i finished a couple nights ago. (turns out i had the resolution up a little too high.) so i'm puttin it up now. yay!

also, here are pictures of some of the commissions i drew at the con this weekend. see! that makes up for it, right?! =P
here is a Rogue pencil commission i drew in this guy's sketchbook. he wanted it sexy and, what can i say, that's all i know how to do! ;)

this is someone's character i drew in their sketchbook. the picture i took is really bad tho. oops.

this is one of the two Ryu's i drew for these really nice folks. i was sweatin bullets trying to draw a guy - let alone twice! unfortunately, i liked the other one that i didn't get to take a picture of. *sigh*

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