Sunday, May 4, 2008

the results show

well, here's a couple of pictures from Free Comic Book Day which Identity Comics spent at ComicsMD in Accokeek, MD. this would be the first year anyone has ever commissioned us at the event. all the drawing would be from jerry doing caricatures. last year we gave free head sketches to anyone that bought something from the table and i was swamped. (plus someone asked me to draw them a Darth Vader and i found out that he's my kryptonite. is it not evident in my prints what my strongsuit is??) so to avoid that, we decided to charge $10 for a pencil commission but i wouldn't really push it on people. oddly enough, a couple folks just asked for it! purdy neat.
BUT this is also the first year that it was really very dead up there. we're usually stationed on the 2nd floor along with the kids playing cards and whatnot. in previous years, it's been a consistent influx of people but this year it's as if nobody really came to FCBD. its like everyone's feeling the tightening grip of Uncle Sam and it has filtered down to affect even a day where "Free" is baked right in. those that did manage to get up there did, for the majority, buy something from us. even the kids that were playing (and by kids, i only really mean those younger than me). usually, they just ignore us and do their thing. which they did for the most part. but they managed to pry themselves away from their frivolities to check out the table and a couple of them actually bought a print or two. can't ask for much more than that! =)

these were the two commissions i drew. the second one with the wings is the chick's character that she asked me to illustrate for her.
i hope this trend of disappointing turn-outs don't continue to the Wizard World conventions we're planning on attending in a couple of months. its really scary - it's like we're on the cuspis of another great depression only worse because we own much more things now than we did back then. o_O


MaGnUs said...

That is ONE HOT LEIA!!!! :> Wish I cold have been there, and nice outfit. At first I was like... OMG, Peng is a large black man, I thought she was a girl!!! :>

Anonymous said...

"Peng is a large black man"
KAKA yes she is.

those little stand-up things are so cute! def getting one at katsucon