Sunday, December 12, 2010

river sarah mclachlan
it's cold and rainy outside so i guess it's a good thing i have to do work today. =P of course i ventured out into the world to get some eggnog latte first. cuz if i don't have coffee and i gotta work, i'm not a happy camper. =] i'm getting so excited about christmas which is no surprise seeing as how i've been listening to christmas music since november 5th (i told the hubby that i won't listen to it until after his birthday). well, i did sneak some christmas music in here and there since right around halloween but that's neither here nor there. :} its tough to focus on all this work when i've got wrapping presents on the brain. but i did get a couple of responses to my holiday sale so i gotta get on my Ps and Qs (whatever that means) cuz these sexy ladies ain't drawin themselves!

the image is a gift that i made for a new friend of mine. she's the wife of one of my hubby's BFFs and we met for the first time when we went to San Diego for another friend's wedding. she's cool peeps and i'm glad we got to hang out. i miss her already! =P anyway, she's knitting me a hat that i can't be more excited about if i tried. and this is my exchange. unfortunately, its nothing she can wear and her two little boys probably won't appreciate. but it is of her fav comic character, Death. now normally i don't post stuff until the recipient sees it but i don't think she knows my blog exists so i'm in no danger. now i know Death (from Vertigo Comics - i think she's the Sandman's sister) is probably very emo and dreary but i couldn't help but give her the sexy treatment. it's all i know to do! hope she don't mind it. =)

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