Tuesday, January 11, 2011

a new year - a new look

guess i'll have to come up with something new for my titles this year. can't run the same gag twice, ya know? i'll have to think of it soon. =) however, i do have a new look for the new year. not sure if i wanna change this each year. mostly cuz i'm so indecisive that i can't just choose a color or theme and be happy with it. i guess we'll see in 2012. (if we'll even make it that far. thanks, apocalypse.)

SO! i wrote 52 blog entries in 2010. hmm.....that's not even CLOSE to a daily account. i need to do better and yet i start my new year's post on 1/11/11. i think i'll blame it on the holidays. =P

i did do some artwork over the holidays, especially with my holiday sale that i ran. boy am i glad that not everyone needed their pieces done by Christmas cuz i would've disappointed them greatly. o.O guess this will be the blog that i dump a few images at once.

this is my cover for the december episode (#44) of the Supergirl:Lost Daughter of Krypton radio show on PendantAudio.com. i really don't know where i got this face from. i don't normally draw like this, especially the eyes. i must've been lookin through other folks' deviant pages and it just stuck with me at the time. =P however, i was really looking forward to drawing zombies since my fascination with them has increased as of late (thanks to Call of Duty and the Walking Dead). the trio in the back aren't exactly zombies, they're like Bizarro zombies. hence the lack of blood or missing body parts. one of these days, i'm going to zombie-fy myself. i can't wait!

if ur wondering why this doesn't quite look like my art, it's because it's a collaborative effort between me and theFranchize. i drew it, he colored it at the request of the client. i gotta say, i thoroughly enjoyed drawing all the little leaves and not have to worry about coloring them. =D she's based off of a model that the client provided.

this is another one of those illustrations like the ones i recently did of the babies. this is for a friend of her and her husband. in retrospect, i probably should've left the BG white or something instead of the orange. sometimes u hit it right on the nail, sometimes u miss and hit ur finger. =(

this is was one of my holiday sale commissions. it's of a moth-type character named Mina. the moth wings were really tough to do and i feel like i've just got more to go. one of these days i'm going to have to learn how to use textures in photoshop. i was pleased with the fuzzies tho. =)

i think i'll save the rest for tomorrow. this seems plenty. see! i keep myself busy i promise! ^_^

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Jac V. said...

the collaboration piece you guys did is CUTE!