Saturday, July 9, 2011

sublimate [verb]

(SUHB-luh-meyt) - to direct the energy of a primitive impulse into activities that are considered to be more socially acceptable

(i've been meaning to post this for a while but everytime i think to do it, i seem to always be late for something else.)
i drew this image to use for the cover of my brand-spankin new mini artbook that i will hopefully have in time for San Diego. i think it's supposed to be coming this week or early next week so i'm really excited to see it. i've never had my very own artbook before, mostly because i didn't feel that my body of work could sustain its own book. but i put together 28 full-color pages of my art. i'm looking to get it into the hands of some important folks at SDCC. then what i have left over, i will be selling at cons and online.
i originally had in mind that she would have black hair much like the model i used to reference (the lovely Plastikstars). but the pink hair came about after seeing this other model (theBabyDoe) and i really thought it was interesting. so i ran with it. and i really like the way it came out. i'll be including this full image into my actual full-size artbook that i'll be putting together for New York Comic Con. that one's even more daunting cuz it's gonna be thicker. eep!
other than all the artbook creating i've been doing, i'm still working on character designs for this one project, a couple of commissions, and trying to have a life outside of our "lab" (our room with our computers and drawing table). this week is gonna be crazy cuz i'll be working with theFranchize on a totally different project and it's got quite the hard deadline. so much for having a life outside the lab =/ better to be busy than twiddling our thumbs i suppose.


Jac V. said...

hot lady!!! save me a sketchbook pls! :) I promise I won't let Liam fold it or tear it!

Peng-Peng said...

KAKAKA of course! i'm sure he'll appreciate it as he gets older. ;P