Tuesday, September 13, 2011

panache [noun]

(puh-NASH) - dash or flamboyance in manner or style


so this was last month’s Pendant Audio’s Supergirl radio show cover #52. this and the Superman show covers, which my hubby theFranchize draws, are featured the day the episodes come out on SupermanHomepage.com. so just when I was beginning to wonder if anyone pays attention to the covers that I draw, I put this one out and suddenly folks are outraged! apparently I’ve crossed some line and this bordered on S&M. now I’m not one to just start arguing with strangers but I do get a weeee bit miffed that people will only care to comment with negativity and don’t bother with positive things. like nobody ever writes that they like a particular cover or anything like that. but they’ll get upset about something like this. which, if I may explain, was actually part of the story! Supergirl is actually in gladiator-type clothes and was shackled. now of course I could’ve gone the safe route of just drawing her sitting and her hands chained in front of her, but I thought this was sexy without being raunchy. someone did kinda jump to my rescue and compared it to slave Leia and I couldn’t help but be like “YEAH! EXACTLY!” (tho I just said it to myself). I mean if there’s an S&M thing, slave Leia was wearing less clothes than my Supergirl, her chain was around her flippin neck, and she was being held captive by some nasty slimy slug dude! goodness knows what he did to her before we saw them at his palace! yuck! but whatever. most of the people from Pendant Audio stood behind my decision and I felt much better. I was really afraid I’d be fired. that would suck. I promised them this month, it’ll be Supergirl sitting on a fat pony with rainbows and bunnies everywhere. that ought to be safe enough.

below is what I originally drew for the cover. this was her in her newly redesigned costume cuz I just wanted to try it out. but when I heard they’re supposed to be dressed somewhat incognito with other warrior folks, I had to redesign it. so instead of erasing and drawing over this, I just redrew it. and of course when I redrew it, it’s not as cool as the original. T_T story of my life. ah well. at least I have this.

Supergirl in chains

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Jac V. said...

You know you've made it in the art world when you've stirred up some controversy on the interwebs about your art! There will always be haters! At least you can say that your work has an effect on people - whether it is positive or negative... it was intriguing enough for someone to actually make a comment! :) Were they ragging on it because it was borderline PG-13 er something? I personally didn't see a problem with it... but then again, I might be conditioned to all your risque pin up drawings already. heehee ;)