Monday, June 4, 2012

shake it out

by florence + the machine

frickin time flies away from me every single time. i meant to post before we went to Wizard World Philadelphia this weekend but last minute preps and errands always get in the way. then before i know it, it's 4am and i have to get up at 7am to take the road trip. i will post pics from the convention later, which by the way, was A-MUH-ZING! but more on that later.

i wanted to post this last of my Supergirl Radio Show cover for episode #61. unfortunately, the website decided to pull Supergirl and all other fan podcasts from the site, a decision that we were told was not an easy one to make. i don't know exactly why they had to make the decision that they did but i'm sure they had to do what's best for them and their group of creative individuals. is it a strange coincidence that the final cover i did has Supergirl dead?! who knows. but after a crappy excuse for a cover that i did for the month of April (due to time constraints, in my defense), i wanted to put just a little extra sauce on May's cover. unfortunately for me, this cover never made it on their website. (according to the script, she died at the end so that's why i drew this.)
i will miss drawing supergirl. i've grown rather attached.

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imabeaname said...

Woulda looked nice. Twas a real shame; glad I got 60, sad I missed eps from many of the other shows.