Thursday, May 22, 2014


[listening to "never" by the roots ft. patty crash]

for once in a long time, i'm not late on this week's "cat lady" theme for the Girls Drawin Girls blog! i like the sketch so instead of trying to finish it up with colors and whatnot, i just wanted to make sure i made it on time this week. drawn with my Derwent Inktense colored pencils on that same brown cardstock i always use.

while drawing this i realized i don't know how to draw cats! especially big cats. i'm definitely more of a dog person so cats escape me. so if my tiger & cubs look wonky, that's why. and either the tiger is ginormous or the lady is pretty tiny. but that's ok. i learn as i go along and these weekly themes and sketch_dailies exercises are my way of figuring out how to draw stuff i'm not used to. i don't have the ability to take classes nearby or the money to take the good ones online so i do what i gotta to learn. oh, and kids, my college education failed me on this. so please don't ask me if i think college is necessary, cuz u and ur parents will probably not like my answer. but with that bein said -

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