Thursday, August 7, 2008

otakon yay!

so first of all, its been brought to my attention that i haven't said that my hubby has been back in town. oops! he had to point that out to me. teehee my bad. he's been back for a while now so all's wells.
it's otakon this weekend and i gotta tell ya, i'm so boosted i could cry. it's the one place i can be as dorky as i want. i usually try to keep my nerdliness down to a manageable amount but the gloves come off at this convention! teehee i'm allowed, aren't i!?! i gotta go numerous comic conventions to promote the company which works out wonderfully for the husband. i can have ONE little anime con, can't i!?!?! anyway, so i'm off to look for some cool new statues if they have 'em and that damn Udon Artbook of street fighter characters that my sorry arse wasn't good enuff to be in. it's all good tho, i know good art when i see it and i won't turn my back on it. maybe finish off some of my manga and dvd collections. its gonna be fun times. then maybe, JUST maybe, i'll actually get to watch some videos. last year i tried to watch them and didn't get to but NOT for lack of trying. every single time i went, the stupid show has either been moved to a different day or switched with some Bleach or Naruto series. >=[ needless to say, i was not a happy camper.

oh, and did i mention, soul calibur iv is gorgeous! fantastical! and u can make 50 characters! that's insane! i believe jerry's trying to create the justice league whereas i may just make all the sailor scouts! teeeheee

well, i leave u all this weekend with these finished commissions. i realized i never posted them even tho i put up the pencils. oops! enjoy! i'll be elbow deep in anime goodness!!!

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