Friday, August 1, 2008

still alive

just so ya know, i'm still alive and kickin. just very busy with this current project that i'm trying to finish up. its the cover to the novel that i've been doing tons of illustrations for. so since it's the cover, it's far more complex and is taking all i've got left of my energy from being at the doggy kennel all day. i tell ya, working at the doggy kennel is probably like working at a farm. it's a lot of physical work and sweat but u gotta love it to do it. despite how exhausted i am when i get home, i luv my new job. i get to be around doggies all day!! and i gotta say, they're far more appreciative of ur time and attention than people. picking up the poop isn't glamorous, but shit happens wherever u work. ;P
so anyway, this is just a short entry to show that i'm actually working while i haven't posted. here's some of the stuff i'm working on for the cover. man, i'm so dang tired. i need a vacation. can't wait for otakon next weekend! BOOSTED!!!

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