Saturday, July 26, 2008

yup, still sick

so, i may still be sick but that doesn't mean i stopped working. i finished this commission a week ago and i've been working on these other fourpieces for this one client these past couple of days (but i won't post them till tomorrow). still working on more artwork for that book that i'm doing illustrations for. see! i'm not too bad of a slacker. =P
the characters in this commission are Pinup-Girl and Proud Citizen. they're city of heroes characters. i used an image as reference for the pose. its real tough to draw two people occupying the same space. i wanted to give it a somewhat aged look with washed out colors like looking at an old photograph. i think that's mostly because the character design of Pinup-Girl seemed classic.
at any rate, more to come tomorrow. meanwhile, i'm going to try to cough out my lung which i have yet to succeed at. instead i've managed to lose some of my voice. yipee. (-___-)


Jac V. said...

aw get better! just wanted to share this with you if you haven't already peep'd it:

it's a link to an article about Cloak and Dagger (i remember them from the Maximum Carnage video game, they've been on "vacation" for a while or somethin...) Anyway, i think it's cool how the writer and artist are both CHICKS, AND the art style reminds me of your work...especially the coloring you've been experimenting with lately... thought it was cool... i'll write you back later!

Jac V. said...

actually this link is better because it has a very interesting interview from the comicon of these artistas: