Thursday, July 10, 2008

he's still not back yet

yep, the hubby is still not home yet. it's still a blower but i have been working on multiple little projects simultaneously. other than that though, not much else has changed except that my clothes are a bit cleaner (cuz i did laundry). =P
these are some commissions that i've been tackling these past couple of days. i've also had to purchase a web hosting service for though that doesn't sound like much of anything to most people, that is a big huge step for me cuz i am so completely web-dumb. so i had to read up on it and know what "unlimited data transfer" really meant and junk like that. but i did it, so yay! hopefully, the website will be up and running and ready for biz-naz by tomorrow thanks to Flash. without him, i'd have run identity to the ground in jerry's absence. O_o then comes business cards and all that jazz!!! yay!


Jac V. said...

WOW!! You is a drawrin fool when you are bachelorettin' it up! heeehee I like the first one a lot... sexay!!

On the last one though, the girl's left foot seems it should be turned more in than out... is it just me?

Thats the only thing I noticed. :) I love all the details you are putting into them.

Peng-Peng said...

i know! i was havin a bit of trouble with that foot too. maybe i just need to change her knee. =/ it's all wonky lookin.
but yeah, there's not much distraction around with jerry gone so i've had nothin to do but draw and play volleyball on the 360. -sadness-