Saturday, September 26, 2009

time for some color

here's the harley quinn that i recently did for an ebay commission. went for a more cheesecake-y look (whatever that means) and i ended up really liking it. but no matter how much i like it, everytime i go back to looking at my drawings, everything still seems to look stiff. how the heck do i fix that for myself?!?!
this was only meant to be a pencil commission but ever since i fiddled with gray copic markers, i just can't help but use them. especially at cons, i feel like my commissions lack a bit but having the grays makes me feel better about what i give to people. and now i can't stop. i'm going to color this so we'll see how that turns out. perhaps it'll be good enough for a print. but who knows!!
i'm also having an internal struggle with myself about what direction i want my art to go. lately i've been very influenced with these manga artists like Shunya Yamashita and Hyung-Tae Kim. i really like the look of the faces and delicateness of the figures. but i feel like my fan base is drawn more towards the more comic-book look like this harley quinn and i can't help but feel like i'm driving them away. also, more and more i notice that folks seem to hate on the anime/manga look. like to them it's a cheap way out of "real drawings." which i think is completely BS. then again, it's probably cuz we've never set up at an anime con. i hope we do one soon so i can have some sort of enlightenment.

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