Wednesday, February 2, 2011

elide [verb]

(ih-LAHYD) - to suppress; omit; ignore; pass over

so a lot of things have been happening since my last post. nothing life-changing by any means, just lots of projects coming to a head and i think this is the busiest i've ever been in the month of January, art-wise. a couple of the things were commissions that i haven't finished yet and i've still got a couple that needs to get done.
at any rate, i just wanted to share these two shots of my art table a couple days ago while i was working on 2 commissions for the same client. one is of kabuki, the other is of lady mechanika. i'll post the finished pieces tomorrow just to make sure the client gets to see it before the world wide web. =)

also, the Voltron Tribute book finally came out! we got our copies in the mail a couple days ago. it's produced by 5finity Productions which is the company i've done a few sketchcards for like the Hack/Slash series and the Pinups & Pups set. i did this Allura drawing for it nearly a year ago. i didn't get to do the background like i'd like because of the deadline so this was all i was able to throw together. however, i do plan on possibly turning this into a print and so i'm going to put an actual scene in the background of the far-off mountains and ocean type. i'll post that as soon as it's done. but i have been holding on to this image and unable to share it for so long! the hubby theFranchize did one in there as well. if u see us at a con this year, we will have a couple to sell. ^__^


Jac V. said...

nice always...

one question.... WTH is that big boobied figurine in the first photo!?!?!

Peng-Peng said...

KAKAKA i'm glad u asked! =) it was a gift from my friend jennifer. it's a character from this anime tenjou tenge and the boobies bobble!! flippin hilarious! boobies bobble a lot in that anime so this was just brilliant. =D