Wednesday, March 23, 2011

eschew [transative verb]

(es-CHOO) - to shun; to avoid

i did this commission recently for a return client. i've drawn a couple of things for her in the past, most recently the Harley Quinn with the diamonds. i guess she likes my stuff cuz she keeps supporting me. =P i can't help but be humbled with folks that repeatedly ask for artwork from me. i must be doin somethin right!
this commission is of her City of Heroes character "Zee." it was in exchange for her giving me another year of premium membership on DeviantArt. each time i need another year, i try to exchange it for artwork since DA is a community of artists and art lovers. and each time i've asked, folks have consistently stepped up and gladly exchanged services even though my fear is that they'd say "yeah, i'd really rather not." =P i'm sorry, i'm an artist. i'm sensitive about my shit.
at any rate, i really liked how the face turned out on this. i usually end up drawing faces with what i call "the magnum" which is basically a sexy pouty face. but recently i've been trying to break out of my comfort zone and draw expressive faces. it may not seem like a big deal to most folks but since i didn't get to really take good art classes in college, i feel i've missed out on some very basic art lessons like facial expressions. so it's a slow-going process for me and i'm always learning. with this face though, i felt like i really nailed what i was trying to get her to emote but without making her ugly. (that's also something i struggle with.) and i wanted to play with extreme lighting so i went with the sunset look.

in other news, the hubby took me to get TWO DOZEN Georgetown Cupcakes!!! i feel so very loved. i'm slightly addicted to them and since we had such a successful weekend at the expo, he felt we should celebrate it at least a little. i'm definitely freezing them and make it last for a while. so excited about putting them in my belly!

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