Friday, October 28, 2011

berserk [adjective]

(ber-SURK) – violently or destructively frenzied; wild; crazed; deranged


I wonder if they made the word of the day something kinda scary-ish cuz of Halloween. but I keep forgetting that Halloween isn’t until monday. lots of tv programs are really confusing me, that’s why. anyways, not much to see on my drawing table today. I’m working on a fairly large commission for a repeat client and it has taken a couple days of trial and many many errors to come up with a composition that is finally somewhat working. so I’m hoping the client likes it so far so I can move forward. luckily, I have some of the best commission clients in the land cuz they sure are patient with me. =) the big figure is a 3-headed female creature thingy with 4 arms.


I’ve also just finished a large order of Artist Exclusive sketchcards also for a repeat client. again, best clients in the land cuz he’s been waiting patiently for all of these. he’s big on my Hack/Slash cards and I’m really glad cuz I think those are one of the most fun sets I’ve worked on. dunno what it is about goth chicks and blood spatters but I’m really enjoying drawing it. one day soon, I’ve gotta draw a gothy cheesecake pinup chick with bloody spatters. that’ll be neat!

also, some exciting news – I’ll be doing a page sometime next month hopefully for! my husband theFranchize did a page for them a while back and we met them in person at NYCC. since I don’t normally do sequentials, I’ll be enlisting his help. =) yay for very talented spouses!!

PENG-PENG_BettiePageCards Pengs_SmallProofs Pengs_LargeProofs

and whilst I’m posting, I may as well post some stuff I’ve forgotten to post lastely. these are the Bettie Page cards I finished about a year ago now for Versicolor Productions. it’s for the Bettie Page Private Collection set. I believe they finally released it about a month and a half ago so I’m a little late in posting these. the first pic is of all the ones I did, then the next 2 are my Artist Proofs.


this one above is the 2nd of 2 digital images I did for them. the first one I showed before with her on a tree.


lastly, this is a commission I did about a month ago now from an ebay auction I ran. the client is a photographer and he asked that I use one of his photos to turn into a character, in this case it was Catwoman. it was an inks-only commission but I threw in the red cuz I just thought it looked cool. drew this with pens and copic markers on 11x14” bristol. he’s getting a couple more from me in the near future so keep an eye out for those.

I think I’m pretty much all caught up now on posting stuff. yay for progress!

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