Tuesday, October 11, 2011

jaundiced [adjective]

(JAWN-dist) - affected with or exhibiting prejudice, as from envy or resentment

We’ll be at New York Comic Con this weekend!! Oct 13-16, ARTIST ALLEY TABLES T14 & T15!!

I’ve been so crazy busy and I know I say that all the time. but I swear it’s true! I thought working for myself and working at home would mean I’d have time to do whatever I want whenever I want. turns out its actually kind of a paradox. cuz u could do that, but then u’d fall behind on deadlines and end up paying for it harshly in the long run with not a single boss to blame it on but urself. sigh.



at any rate, enough whining. let’s get down to business. we are busy gearing up for the convention this week and it has finally happened! I got an artbook done!!! myself and the rest of the studio have lost many winks putting each of our artbooks together, plus our new Brotherhood of Fighters: Behind the Cage book! oh it’s gonna be somethin else at this con, I tell ya! I really should’ve written about it while all these things were happening. now I feel like I need to cram all these things in one blog post and nobody wants that. sigh.

on to my new artbook!! it’s the first of its kind and I’ll probably do one every 2 years. this is 50 pages chock full of art by me – pinups, commissions, sketchcards, and supergirl covers. it’s called 2011 Hot Cakes: Stacked & Ready. as with the mini book, I’ll be doodling a quick sketch in the book as a thanks for anyone that buys it. the cover image is a new illustration I did which I’ve turned into a print much like the other pink haired lady on my mini book. I’m trying to move my art towards a less-comic-centered direction and more be about pretty ladies. who knows, maybe someday I’ll have tshirts with them on it! the book will run for $30. we’ll have lots of deals with the books and prints at New York Comic Con so if ur there, definitely stop by our tables to find out what else u can score for ur bucks!


also, I forgot to put up last month’s Supergirl #53 cover for PendantAudio.com. because of August’s semi-controversial cover, I was going to draw Supergirl on a unicorn with rainbows and bunnies this month to balance it out. but I decided to save that for another time and instead draw a better shot of my gladiator-supergirl design. and even though the story actually has Superman strictly forbidding her from really hurting these alien baddies, it looked more badass for her to have alien blood on her hands and clothes. I’m taking a break from this month’s cover because we’re so F-in busy with the con and the possibility of moving next month. SOOOO I got my studiomate and fellow zombie-slayer Flash to draw for me this month! I can’t flippin wait to see what he does!! (he’ll be drawing my hubby’s Superman cover next month for the same reason.)

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