Friday, January 16, 2015

featured artist

[listening to r. kelly stuff]

it's been another week of trying to draw stuff, but nothing finished yet. i've inked over things, lettered some pages for a book, and none of it i'm able to show right now. only thing i can show is that i made a quick new avatar for my twitter this year. i've been changing it every year, just to keep things interesting. well, as interesting as a twitter avatar can get anyway.
been trying to teach myself to be comfortable to digitally paint without lines. so this one is a step in that direction. as with all new things, it's a slow and painstaking process. i'm gonna get it to look the way i want someday. fingers crossed. and yes, i obviously did some "enhancements" to my face. but if i can't sensationalize my self-portrait, then what the heck am i doing all this art stuff for?? =)
ALSO - this month, i'm the featured artist for my Girls Drawin Girls group! pretty nifty stuff! my FB header is featured as their FB header so that's kinda cool. please head on over to both of our Facebook Pages and give us a LIKE to follow!
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