Friday, April 17, 2015

commission sale

[listening to "feelin on your booty" by r. kelly]

i mentioned on twitter yesterday that i'll be doing a commission sale soon. so here it is!!!
next month is gonna be quite the exciting month with 2 cons plus free comic book day festivities! i wanna hit the ground runnin on that month with a commission sale to get me drawin more.

here's all u need to know - $50 single-character color commission! that's it! all my color commissions are done digitally so u won't even need to worry about shipping. they will be drawn about mid-thigh up. this is a chance for u to get ur favorite character drawn, OR ur original character, whatever! (as long as u don't say u drew it OR sell it like u made it, do whatever u want!)

if ur interested, shoot me an email at penelope @ identitycomics . com and let me know what ur lookin to get done! i've cleared off a bunch of stuff that are backlogged so now's a good time to get more work in! i'm still working on Bill & Ted pages and other projects so that's why i'm not doing head-to-toe commissions.

hit me up guys! sale ends MAY 15TH!

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