Tuesday, April 14, 2015

turtle power

[listening to "omg" by usher ft. will.i.am]

i was trying to learn me how to draw some TMNT - Nickelodeon style last week. if i haven't told u guys before, i really am lovin the animated series. almost as much as i used to love the cartoon! also, if u didn't know, i loves me some original TMNT movies - 1 & 2. i have destroyed a VHS and a DVD of part 2 because i used to watch em soooo often. (Part 2 is my favorite, don't even try to talk me out of it.) i'm now workin on my Bluray but Netflix may have lengthened its lifespan thanx to them adding it to their library. (also, i hate the newest one. my own husband can't talk me into liking it, it's an abomination on many levels. i can't get started.)

ANYWAYS. that was probably more than u wanted to know about how much i love the turtles. decided to make this fun pinup modeled after the 1st movie's VHS cover (i think) - but in the Nickelodeon style. Donny is definitely posed like he should be Mikey, and Mikey's pose is hilarious. ah the 90s. normally i wouldn't draw the lines out this much anymore since i'm tryin to color differently these days. but i pencilled the whole thing out so i can have an original i can show people at cons.

then, below are sketches in my sketchbook that i posted on my instagram as i tried to figure out how to draw em. if u follow me on IG, u probably already saw these. Turtle Power!


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