Tuesday, July 7, 2015

SDCC 2015

[listening to "shots" by imagine dragons]

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it's finally here! i've been doing a countdown & driving myself crazy with prep for San Diego Comic Con and it's finally here! i hope to post lots of awesome pics after the con, but i can't make any promises because i've never had a table at this show so i have no idea what to expect. wish me luck guys!
now i know Comic-Con is quite bananas, so here's a handy dandy map that gets U to ME as well as the other IDSTUDIOS guys - my hubby theFranchize and our best bud Flash! please come out and see me in Artist Alley AA-16! as u can tell, i am dangerously close to the Funko booth. it's like my money is gone before i even make it.

i'll have a brand new batch of my latest artbook - DAYDREAMS - along with large prints, mini prints, and comics. i'll also have the last of my licensed How to Train Your Dragon 2 lithograph from Acme Archives Direct - UNCHARTED TERRITORY. once these are gone, i have no more. so be sure to get there early and get it. 

since table space at Comic-Con is so very limited, i'm only going to be able to display a few prints. but i'll have this print "menu" of all the 11x17 prints that i have available. if u come by my table, see one on the menu that's not on the table, just let me know and i'll grab it for ya! i'm just trying to make it easy on everyone. fyi - i have a very small amount of Lady Loki. trying to retire her so once she's gone, that's it for her. gotta make room for new stuff. =)

promo image for the event by Mako Fufu

then on THURSDAY NIGHT, i'll be part of the "What's Pin-Up Doc?" exhibit with a few of my fellow Girls Drawin Girls ladies at the Chuck Jones Gallery across from the convention center. the event is from 7p-10p. it's totally FREE but u just have to RSVP. so pls consider coming out. i'm just excited to have my work exhibited in the same room as Chuck Mother-F-in Jones! (Mother-F-in may or may not be his real middle name. i can neither confirm nor deny that.) this promo image was done by my crazy-talented friend & GDG member Mako Fufu!
head on over to the Chuck Jones Gallery Event Page to get more info - https://www.facebook.com/events/877140009000781/

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