Tuesday, January 26, 2016


[listening to "PYD" by justin bieber ft. r. kelly]
cute dinosaur
alien detective
roller derby gal
cartoon version of my car
eating a sandwich
ice queen
anthropomorphic favorite animal
if u follow me on instagram (@p_e_n_g), u might have noticed my studiomates and i have been doing these somewhat-daily sketches and we take turns coming up with the topic that day. it's been a good exercise for me so i'm not constantly drawing only stuff i want to draw. and since we all agreed that these would be in color, it's forcing me to work a little faster at these concepts. we've only just started a couple weeks ago. i hope this goes on but as the year goes on and we get inevitably busier, i'm guessing they won't be as frequent. having said that, i'm really enjoying them, despite how hard some of the topics are for me.

with all of these, i've gone straight digital. no sketches on paper. it's something that i'd like to get used to doing, especially for these concept or character designs. it's also a good way to practice sketching more than one idea. if there's anything that i've learned from my online classes, it's to draw more and not settle for the first thing that comes up. that's a huge struggle for me. when i force myself to try again on a concept, i can break out of what i would normally do. even if i go back to my first idea, at least i know i tried a few different ways.

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