Monday, May 23, 2016


[listening to "dangerous woman" by ariana grande]


i just got back from Tidewater Comic Con and i wish i had time to post pics of sketches i did this weekend BUT i have 2 days to get ready for MegaCon this coming Thursday til Sunday! i have posted some of my favorites on my PATREON PAGE however so for my lovely supporters, u can check em out now. [side note - i think i'm gonna start posting these sketches to my PATREON PAGE during the convention, data network-permitting.] 
so for MegaCon, all 3 IDSTUDIOS members will be there but they split us all up. sad face emoji. however, u can use the handy dandy map i've made to find us easily around the convention. i'll be in the Artist Alley - TABLE A201! i ran out of Superman & Wonder Woman prints and the Ariel print at Tidewater but i will have MOAR with me in Orlando. i'll have a few more of my prints, plus one new print of my little baby Rey pilot too! i'll be bringing books and doing sketches all weekend as well so i hope to see u guys out there!

in the meantime, please remember to check out my PATREON PAGE and consider the support. i wanna share so much stuff with everyone!

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