Thursday, May 5, 2016


[listening to "california dreamin'" by the mamas & the papas]

so i guess star wars nerds have officially taken over the entire US and even declared May 4 as Star Wars Day - "May the Fourth Be With You". and they're about to take over today as well with "Revenge of the Fifth" but that hasn't quite caught on just yet. so i went and just had to do my own little tribute for the day. i blame it on mob mentality or whatever. i may turn this into a small print for this con season, we'll see.
i wanted to draw a little kid Rey with her pilot helmet for a while now but never really sat down to do it. i just thought she was super adorable when she put it on in the movie. it was a very personal moment for her and it was like her little happy place. then when u think about how she had to raise herself for the most part, it's just so much sadder and special. plus, as an 80s baby, i definitely had my moments when i was a little kid make-believin i was a jet-fighter pilot helping Maverick. i mean, how can u not with Kenny Loggins tellin u to that u can?! so yeah, i can relate. minus the whole lonely child thing.

and as fate would have it, i just recently finished this Star Wars-inspired commission for a returning client. she's got one of the coolest jobs, in my opinion, where she gets to be a character on Disney Cruise Lines! i did one of her as a pirate lady before. but recently they had a Star Wars Day At Sea and she was dressed up as a jedi. i had to embellish a little on her costume but i really had some fun drawing this. and this is the first time i really liked my space drawing in the background. so that's a win for everyone! 

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