Tuesday, June 28, 2016


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we're starting a kickstarter!!!

so my studiomates Jerry Gaylord, Bryan Turner, and I are finally going to be doing our own kickstarter for our own project! all 3 of us have been part of other people's kickstarter campaigns before but this will be our first one for our own studio book! it's kind of a big step for us. we've spent so much time since we formed IDSTUDIOS trying to break into the comics industry and then recently the animation industry that we never really got to focus on our own projects. some of these stories have been floating around in our heads for nearly a decade now but this kickstarter book will give us the opportunity to finally make it happen. to find out more about the book itself, keep an eye on the studio's facebook page - facebook.com/identitycomicsstudio - as well as IdentityComics.com.

if ur one of my wonderful Patreon supporters, u've already seen these images. if not, these are the character designs for my portion of the kickstarter project. these are character designs for a story that i'll be doing as a mini webcomic called LITTLE DEVIL. i'm working on it with some very talented writer friends Jeffrey & Susan Bridges who have written some stories for Top Cow and are currently working with Valiant Comics on an audio drama! they write the words, i draw the pictures, and together we're gonna bring folks a cute all-ages comedy! i'm going to put the first 6 pages into the kickstarter and continue for about a year putting out a few pages a month. then eventually we'll collect the whole dang thing in a book and it's gonna be awesome!!

our kickstarter should be launched on or about July 11th! we'll be sending out an invite on our ID FACEBOOK PAGE as well as my own PENGPENGART FACEBOOK PAGE this week. if ur interested and want to support, please be sure to accept the invite and u'll be reminded about the launch date!!! i have excitement!!!

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