Friday, June 17, 2016


[listening to "i believe i can fly" by r. kelly]

it's been quite a whirlwind of a few weeks. went to 3 back to back conventions, took a mini 2-day vacation at Disney World, and then when i finally got home, my loyal computer Jarvis died on me! which was probably the biggest hit cuz i've had him for a little over 7 years. but i just got a new computer, Friday, and she's working out well so far.

i'm still gathering ALL of the pics from all of the conventions to post up here and on my PengPengArt facebook page. in the meantime, i just wanted to remind u guys about my PATREON PAGE! anyone that signs up until July, regardless of the support level u choose, will get a PDF of my 2015 artbook - Daydreams Book 1. i don't have any more copies of this book so this will be the only way to get it. i've also got loads of rewards with an eye towards making process videos to share with everyone in the near future! please check it out, consider the support or just spread the word!

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