Monday, March 31, 2008

technically day 2

so i know it seems like i skipped a day, but what with my bizarre sleeping habits, i'm still on day 2. so technically i haven't skipped yet. can't say i won't skip any tho. i'd be lying to myself and others if i were to say i won't every skip one.
well, here's the inks of the art i've been working on for this lady's book. inking has gotten a lot quicker for me, oddly enough, now that i've switched to quills. u'd think with all the dipping and waiting for the ink to dry on some parts would take longer but nope. not so much.
i don't think i've ever put this much detail into any of my art before. but i kinda like it! more work, certainly. but i think it adds a bit more depth into my otherwise flat pieces. i should really do that more often.

went to a dog show earlier today too. i had to do some recon work to potentially start my dog portrait business. there's a lot of money to be made with dogs. folks go nuts when they buy stuff for their pets. and i found myself wanting ridiculous things for my babies too. must have been the atmosphere. i wanted stuff like all-natural treats and chew toys. first of all, i don't think krypto or chauncy cares one way or the other if their treats were all-natural. i mean, we're talking about a dog that at one point ate her own poop and another dog that licks the other's ears! YECH!!! (altho, in an unusual twist, those could probably be considered "all-natural" too.) then with the chew toys, its not like i can't get them from my local PetSmart or even the flippin dollar store! crazy. but others were eating it up.
anyway, i'm thinkin of going digital with these pet portraits. hope i'm thinking in the proper direction. soon, i'm hoping to get some pet portraits up on here too. YAY!

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