Wednesday, April 2, 2008

for April Fool's day

i'm so glad April Fool's is over. i don't like it. i don't like practical jokes or surprises either. unless they're good surprises like unexpected gifts. those are always fun.

well, so i skipped a day. but it wasn't because i didn't do any work! on the contrary, i forgot to put one up yesterday because i was working so hard. so HA! anyway, i was busy putting the flats on the stuff i've drawn. i don't know how it happened but all of a sudden everything was due all at the same time. keeps things interesting i suppose. still got a lot of tweaks to do with these so they're not done.

then i had to add some extra cloth the Fate which i've already finished. apparently, she was showing too much leg for the book's publishers. (of course, they're a Christian publishing company. goodness knows i'm not meant for that audience.) it wasn't too bad of an alteration. it looks a bit wonky for my taste but that's might be cuz i know what it was supposed to be.

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