Thursday, April 3, 2008

tried something new

so this is all inked up and ready to be sent out. i had to go back in and give her bigger boobs because the client asked for it. which, on a personal level, is quite disappointing since i liked her more natural-looking breast size. but i suppose a guy who asks for a drawing of a naked lady can't really be going for the natural look, eh. maybe he sees "natural" day in and day out. again, i find myself saying "eh. whatever floats his boat i guess." that's been the answer to my questions since i started in this commissioning business. its unfortunate that everytime i try to draw something of this nature for myself, it doesn't turn out as nice or isn't as well received. maybe i should just bask in the glory of my Powergirl. (which i'm starting to get tired of seeing at every convention.)

i tried something new with the inks on this. mainly her hair. i'm not too thrilled about it. took a look at a bunch of Ed Benes artwork and the inkers he has are so amazing! most people tend to think inkers are tracers (which i really resent) but without good inkers like these guys, everything will have a definite sense of half-assed-ness. at any rate, i tried it out. i'm not happy. plus it took forever to try and figure it out and even after about 2 hours, i'm absolutely certain i still didn't get it. guess my art wasn't meant for that style. no skin off my back tho cuz it took so long to do i'd much rather avoid it altogether.
not to mention those buckteeth are killin me.

i had to look up some Bettie Page images for reference since the client said he'd like it to look like some of her stuff. i found the Bettie Page website and the images taken of her - wow! i mean, the things she's doing isn't anything u wouldn't find in ur Maxim or Playboy (except for the bondage ones. wowsers.) these days but the wow factor is that it was taken in the 40s and 50s which, if we need to be reminded, is around the time that Elvis was getting flack for shaking his bonbons on television. with pants on! if u haven't seen it yet, check it out.

Official Site of Bettie Page

i just think it's interesting. in these times of sexually laden media, she must have set men's groins ablaze when society was dictating that her skirt cover her knees. and she's still alive! in her 80s!

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