Thursday, April 17, 2008

i blame tax day!

wow, so it's been a good long minute since i posted. i'm quite disappointed at myself for not having posted for so long. but as the subject states, i blame tax day. it was so much more stressful for us this year what with the wedding and the honeymoon. i didn't think we'd make it. oddly enough, it turns out we paid half of what we thought we would. i can't even begin to elaborate on how elated i am that it's all over.... until next year. T__T

still, i haven't done much stuff art-wise to post so even if i did post, there wouldn't be any images to put. so i just waited. ah well. i was bound to miss a few days. it's all good tho. i'm back and drawlin again. this image is the pencils of Fear. i drew a sketch of her for the client, which she loved. then when i finished the pencils, my silly self decided perhaps a new pose would be better (which is this one). i should have known that the first instinct is usually the right one. so i need to change this back to what it was before. that's what i get for trying to fix something that wasn't broken. d'oh! clearly, her design is heavily influenced by a character in Tsubasa (one of the mangas i'm currently reading) and Queen Amidala. can't help it. i love that crazy hairdo stuffs. its so bold and daring. guess tomorrow i'll have the updated (to a previous version) pencils. gotta do what the client says! ;)
i've also started to work on some kitten illustrations for a brand new client but i'm not yet allowed to show anything of it since he wants to get the copyrights and whatnot for his business beforehand. i can respect that. so for now, this is all just a mention. nothin more. =P

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