Sunday, April 6, 2008

a moment to reflect

can i just take a moment to pout just a weeee tiny bit? =(
i just read Udon's journal posting of the winners of this Street Fighter tribute thing they're doing and sadly i didn't make the cut. this cammy image was one of the things i submitted (the other being the chun-li) and altho i knew deep down that my stuff isn't the best most original thing, it was still quite a punch in the gut to be told so by the very people that i'm trying to impress. looked down the long list of winners and not seeing my name felt almost as bad as not being accepted to a college or something. its times like these that makes me doubt my talents more and more. i even looked at some of the winner's deviant pages just so i can say "this guy got in?!!? i'm better than him, aren't i?!?" but truth be told the ones i did see were really cool. can't blame Udon for doing their job right. i guess i'll just mope for a bit and hopefully bounce back sooner rather than later. T___T

blah, i'm gonna get over it. gotta get better at some point, right?! OR i can do what others do and make my own book! KAKAKA ....sometimes i can be so sad.

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