Tuesday, April 29, 2008

i need sleep

man, i really gotta get some sleep.

i wanted to make a quick update of the blog since coming back from the Pittsburgh Comicon this past weekend. i don't have the energy at the moment to write all about how cool it went so i figured i'd just upload what i was able to finish right before we left for the con. i didn't have time to upload it before this weekend because i was busy trying to get it finished and pack stuff up so we could leave at 2am. wow. luckily, that happens to be prime working time for me seeing as how i've turned my days upside down and sleep at 6am. don't worry, u wouldn't be the first to call me crazy. =P

so here are the mostly finished pieces i completed before i left. i say "mostly" only because there's a very minor change with the Fear image in that i need to make her nails purple or red. other than that, these are all good to go. luckily, there's just enough man-chest to pass the prudence test from the publisher of this lady's novel so no need to make changes there. yay! (unfortunately when i try to upload the finished Conscience colored image, the colors get all wonky and i'm not sure how to fix it. and since i'm kinda too tired to figure it out right now, i'm just not going to include it. sorry!)

i've gotta get some sleep and i'll write all about the convention - with pictures! - tomorrow when i wake up.

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Anonymous said...

KAKA, that is one cute pic of krypto